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Central Banks and the Problem with Playing God

Central BanksMoney and Banks


It seems the reach and influence of central banks has never been higher, yet they are increasingly flying blind in an environment where central bank tools are growing ever more imprecise and dangerous.

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Central Banks Double Down on the Failed Policies of the Twentieth Century

Central BanksThe FedMoney and Banking


Today’s macroeconomic beliefs defy all the historical evidence with their focus on increasing the economic presence of the state at the expense of the productive private sector.

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The Debt-Inflation Spiral Is Driving up the Demand for Gold

Central BanksFinancial MarketsMoney and Banking


It is often claimed that inflation reduces the true burden of debt. This is true for existing debt, but those who advocate it as a remedy for government indebtedness fail to understand that it also increases the cost of the government’s future debt.

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The Covid Crisis Has Helped Make the Blueprint for a European Superstate

Big GovernmentCentral BanksTaxes and Spending


The “cure” to the current crisis that is forced upon all Europeans now is not just worse than the disease; it is the disease.

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How Central Banks Destroy Money's Purchasing Power

Central BanksInflation


Without a monopolist central bank, market forces would restrain the issuance of bank notes. But once central banks monopolize money creation, wealth is systematically transferred to the central bank and the privileged few who are favored by the state.

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The Dangers Posed by State-Controlled Digital Currency

Central BanksInflationMonetary Policy


If we choose to break the state monopoly of money and allow private digital currencies to compete, a myriad of different solutions will emerge to serve a myriad of different needs.

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Economic Collapse Has Turned Many Europeans against the EU

Central BanksDecentralization and Secession


Ironically, the economic collapse in Europe has united both the poor and rich members of the EU in agreement that the EU has none of their best interests at heart. The political winds have shifted and are blowing against the EU.

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Review: Monetary Policy after the Great Recession: The Role of Interest Rates

Central BanksMonetary Policy

09/22/2021Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Nikolay Gertchev reviews Arkadiusz Sieron's effort to investigate the failure of expansionary monetary policy to address the challenges of the 2008–09 Great Recession.
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The Real Tax Scandal

Central BanksTaxes and Spending

06/23/2021Mises Media
Federal income taxes are almost entirely about control and not revenue. The byzantine rules and selective enforcement are perfectly designed to keep ordinary people with limited means in mortal fear of the IRS.
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Economic Cannibalism Will Not Save Mexico, or Any Other Country

Central Banks

06/04/2021Mises Media
It seems absurd to have to point out that economic cannibalism, even in the face of a virus, cannot produce anything but devastation, but alas, we live in absurd times.
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