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Stephan Kinsella

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AwardsO.P. Alford III Prize in Political Economy

Stephan Kinsella is an attorney in Houston, director of the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom, and editor of Libertarian Papers.

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IP and Property Rights

Legal SystemPrivate Property

From the audio version of Against Intellectual Property . Narrated by Jock Coats.
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Reducing the Cost of IP Law

Legal SystemMonopoly and CompetitionPhilosophy and MethodologyPrivate Property

01/20/2010Mises Daily Articles
Most people favor patent and copyright law because they believe that it generates net wealth — that the value of the innovation stimulated by IP law is significantly greater than the costs of these laws.
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Fifteen Minutes that Changed Libertarian Publishing

Media and CultureAustrian Economics Overview

01/12/2010Mises Daily Articles
Our board consists of world-class scholars working in the libertarian tradition — a veritable who's who of Austrolibertarianism.
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Intellectual Property and Libertarianism

Free MarketsLegal SystemMedia and CulturePrivate Property

11/17/2009Mises Daily Articles
For libertarians who reject the legitimacy of the state, [29] or legislated law, [30] this is yet another defect of IP, and a conclusive one.
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Radical Patent Reform Is Not on the Way

Legal SystemMonopoly and CompetitionPhilosophy and MethodologyPrivate Property

10/01/2009Mises Daily Articles
"Calls for abolition of the patent system — especially those coming from a principled, rights-based approach — are very unlikely to be adopted at the present time."
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