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Robert Luddy is the founder and owner of CaptiveAire, a manufacturer of kitchen ventilation systems.

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America's Two Democracies

Political Theory

Government has a measure of control over markets, but the ultimate results are determined by the minute-to-minute decisions of the buyers and customers.

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Luddy: The Fed's Risky Uncharted Course

The Fed

The Fed has strayed from its initial charter and is now the primary enabler of federal deficit spending and debt, which is now almost $20 trillion.

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A Conversation with Entrepreneur Robert Luddy

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

11/03/2016The Austrian
Austrians have a perfect understanding of how a free market works and why the competition of the free market produces excellent companies.

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A Tribute to William H. Peterson, 1921-2012


Presented at the Austrian Economics Research Conference on 21 March 2013 at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

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Economics Webinar, Part 2

Austrian Economics Overview

An introductory economics seminar presented by Bill Peterson and Bob Luddy.

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