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Hunter Hastings is a member of the Mises Institute, Business Consultant, and co-chair of the Rescue California Educational Foundation. He is also host of the Economics for Business podcast. You can find Hunter’s writings on entrepreneurship at

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Peter Klein: Why Managers Still Matter

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

10/04/2022Mises Media
Hunter Hastings and Peter Klein discuss the key points of entrepreneurial management.
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James Kent: Carving A Differentiated Growth Space In A Well-Established Market

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

09/27/2022Mises Media
Entrep​reneurs always generate new value for customers; that’s what they get paid for. But. It’s not always necessary to create a new market.
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Per Bylund: The Austrian School Approach to Business versus the Business School Approach

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

09/13/2022Mises Media
Per Bylund joins the Economics For Business podcast to highlight some important differences between Business schools and the Austrian school.
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