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Hunter Hastings is a member of the Mises Institute, Business Consultant, and co-chair of the Rescue California Educational Foundation. He is also host of the Economics for Entrepreneurs podcast. You can find Hunter’s writings on entrepreneurship at

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Per Bylund on a New Austrian Business Paradigm: Facilitation of Value

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

11/03/2020Mises Media
Per Bylund's exposition of the principle of Facilitation of Value leads to a new — Austrian — paradigm for business.
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Economics for Business: Austrian Principles Practically Applied

SocialismU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

10/22/2020Mises Media
We're building a bridge from Austrian theory to its application in business. This can help us gain a greater understanding of the merits of Austrian economics.
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David K. Hurst: Managing People-as-Ends and Not People-as-Means

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

10/20/2020Mises Media
Management and organizational frameworks often treat people as means. But people are not means. People are subjects, and they have subjective ends of their own.
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Professor Matthew McCaffrey on the Austrian Definition of Capital and its Application for the Health of Your Business

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

10/13/2020Mises Media
What is capital? Austrian economics has a precise and distinctive definition — unlike business schools and most business publications, books, and columnists.
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