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George Pickering

AwardsGeorge and Joele Eddy Prize at Mises University

George Pickering is a 2018 Mises Institute Research Fellow and a student of economic history at the London School of Economics.

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Would You Lease-to-Own a Pair of Sneakers?

In our world of ultra-easy money, you can now take out a loan to buy a pair of sneakers. What could possibly go wrong?
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Mark Carney: Britain's Celebrity Central Banker

Global EconomyMoney and BankingPolitical Theory


As in much of the globe, central bankers in Britain are quickly replacing elected politicians as the most visible and powerful public officials.

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The Bank of England Abandons Cryptocurrencies — For Now

Money and BanksMoney and Banking


An adoption of digital currencies by central banks could bring the next generation of central bankers more power than their predecessors imagined.

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The Post-Brexit Boom is Baffling Elites

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Contrary to dire warning of economic disaster, the British economy has weathered Brexit quite well. Now central bankers are taking the credit.

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Investors Are Thwarting the Bank of England's Latest QE Scheme

Global EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and Banking


Investors are not cooperating with the Bank of England's efforts to drive Brits to riskier investments.

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