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Video: Alex Pollock Chairs a Panel Discussion on “Better Money: Gold, Fiat, Or Bitcoin?”

Video: Mises Institute Senior Fellow Alex Pollock moderates a panel discussion on Lawrence White’s new book Better Money: Gold, Fiat, Or Bitcoin?. The event is sponsored by the Federalist Society. 

 White delves into the timely debate surrounding alternative currencies amidst the backdrop of constant inflation in the fiat currency world. Better Money explains and analyzes gold, fiat dollars, and Bitcoin standards to evaluate their relative merits and capabilities as currencies. It addresses common misunderstandings of the gold standard and Bitcoin, and scrutinizes the evolution of currency, particularly the interplay between market and government roles. White provides provocative analysis of which standard might ultimately provide better money, and argues that we need a market competition among them. 

The panel features:

  • Moderator: Alex J. Pollock, Senior Fellow, Mises Institute
  • Prof. Lawrence H. White, George Mason University
  • Alexandra Gaiser, General Counsel, Strive
  • Bert Ely, Principal, Ely & Company, Inc. 

See the full video here.

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