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The Week in Review: July 23, 2016


The Republican Party took over Cleveland this week as Donald Trump was officially made the party’s nominee. As expected, the convention failed to offer any real solutions to the problems we face. If Mr. Trump is truly dedicated to Making America Great Again, he should reject the ideas of plunder and paternalism and instead listen to the recommendations of Ron Paul, Joe Salerno and other Austrian scholars. No matter who becomes the next US president, we will, like the UK, have to face the fact that the economy is going to bust — the only way to deal with the malinvestments encouraged by years of reckless monetary and public policy.

Of course real hope is never going to be found at a political convention, but instead in decentralization and fixing our disastrous monetary system.

The vital need for these sort of radical solutions is why Mises University is so important. Next week, almost 200 students from around the world will be here in Auburn to learn the ideas of Austrian economics, freedom, and peace from some of the greatest scholars working in the Austrian and libertarian tradition today.

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For Mises Weekends, Dr. Robert Higgs delivered one of our most popular and most-watched Mises U speeches in 2013, a terrific exposition entitled The State is too Dangerous to Tolerate. It’s an intellectual tour de force from Higgs, where he demolishes many of the popular misconceptions about (and justifications for) the state in one compelling talk. This is Dr. Higgs at his most formidable, and well worth an hour of your time this weekend. It’s the kind of content that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Bob Higgs on Mises Weekends

And be ready next Saturday for a special live episode of Mises Weekends where Jeff will be joined by Mises Institute Founder and Chairman, the legendary Lew Rockwell.

And in case you missed any of them, here are the articles featured this week on the Mises Wire:

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