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Latest on the Hoppe Case

Latest on the Hoppe Case

This is an anonymous post on Heinrich’s blog. It seems authentic but I am not sure, since to my knowledge it has appeared only there, which is odd. FWIW:

MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT HARTER (Anonymous) 2005-02-19 01:26 (link)
Many of you have followed the recent news reports regarding a complaint filed against UNLV economics professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe. This matter has finally reached the level of presidential appeal, and I have completed my review. As a result, I have directed that the letter of instruction and related materials be withdrawn from Professor Hoppe’s personnel file and that no further action on this complaint be taken by the University. Attached below is a statement which further details my rationale for this decision.
As I have always said on behalf of the entire UNLV community, the tenets of academic freedom are of utmost importance to our campus environment, and it is my sincere hope that we steadfastly embrace this commitment as we embody the highest standards of education and inquiry.
Statement of Dr. Carol Harter, President of UNLV regarding Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe February 18, 2005 “I have reviewed the report of the Executive Vice President and Provost regarding the discrimination complaint filed by a student against Dr. Hoppe. Professor Hoppe is represented by the ACLU and counsel. I have written to his counsel today regarding my review. Professor Hoppe has consistently held the opinion that his classroom materials consist of scholarly and relevant theories that have support in the academic economics community. I believe professors are entitled the freedom to teach theories and to espouse opinions that are out of the mainstream or are controversial. It is my understanding that Professor Hoppe does not assert that materials he presents are the opinions of UNLV, nor has he ever purported to speak for UNLV.
Whether anyone in the University agrees or disagrees with Professor Hoppe’s theories or his opinions is not ultimately relevant. Teaching is of its nature and origin provocative. Faculty are called upon to challenge students, to push them to a greater understanding, and to encourage them to question the current base of knowledge and, in so doing, to create new knowledge. UNLV, in accordance with policy adopted by the Board of Regents, understands that the freedom afforded to Professor Hoppe and to all members of the academic community carries a significant corresponding academic responsibility. In the balance between freedoms and responsibilities, and where there may be ambiguity between the two, academic freedom must, in the end, be foremost. UNLV considers this matter closed.”
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