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Vintage Rothbard to Ring In The New Year

As you spend the day with family and friends, we thought you might take some time away from bowl games to enjoy a vintage Rothbard speech that touches on twin themes appropriate to January 1st: reflecting on the past while looking to the future.

Filmed on the Stanford University campus at the second Mises University in 1988, he contemplates the future of liberty and Austrian economics against the (then) current backdrop of a disintegrating Soviet Empire. And while the moustaches, feathered hair, and mullets in the audience may no longer be fashionable, Murray’s message is timeless.

We’re sure you will enjoy it. Don’t miss cameos by Peter Boettke at :03; Yuri Maltsev at 12:59 (with the late Burt Blumert a few rows behind him); David Gordon at 13:39; and Walter Block at 32:46.

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