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The Week in Review: February 6, 2016

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02/06/2016Mises Institute

This week’s Iowa caucuses mean that election season has officially begun, though the truth about politics stays the same. While the names may change, the spectacle every four years represents, as Lew Rockwell notes, “the triumph of compulsion over cooperation, coercion over freedom, and propaganda over truth.” Party banners are waved, campaign consultants gets paid, and government continues to grow — regardless of its consequences. Though while governments across the world — and the central bankers that enable them — continue to look for ways to tighten its grasp on an increasingly fragile globe, history will show it is no match for the human spirit. Innovation, reason and markets.

Or in the words of Jeff Deist at last weekend’s Mises Circle: The future is centralized vs. decentralized, it’s what works vs. what doesn’t. It’s reasonable people vs. unreasonable people. It’s political correctness vs. the truth.

The next Mises Weekends features Dr. Ron Paul’s speech from Houston. Dr. Paul puts today’s battle for liberty in historical perspective, highlighting how advancements in society have been rooted in respect for individual rights. Pointing to today’s technology that allows for the global dissemination of Austrian economics, freedom, and peace, Dr. Paul explains why he maintains his infectious optimism ­— even in the face of today’s depressing electoral season.


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