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The Trade of Nations

The Trade of Nations by Michael Heilperin

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02/15/1952Michael A. Heilperin

Originaly published in 1947, Heilperin's The Trade of Nations represented — in the words of the original Preface — "an attempt to re-examine the problems of international trade, finance, and money, with special reference to the tasks of peace-making and to the particular responsibilities of the United States."

The Trade of Nations is a guide to international trade and finance; an exposure of the fallacies of economic nationalism; and a vigorous defense of economic liberalism.


Michael A. Heilperin

Michael Heilperin was born in 1909 in Warsaw, Poland. He was a friend and colleague of Ludwig von Mises's in Geneva, and his specialization was the international monetary system. He applied the Austrian theory of the business cycle along with his knowledge of the balance of payments to warn against the rise of monetary nationalism. See his literature archive.


Alfred a Knopf, New York, 1952