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The Sovereign State at Bay

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07/30/2014Paul Gottfried

Among serious readers of his work, Carl Schmitt (1888-1985) is known as an analyst of the European sovereign state. From the 1920s on he wrote extensively on this entity, examining the historical context that gave rise to it and the legal arrangements it incorporated. He viewed the sovereign state as a legacy threatened by the emergence of new historical configurations. From various revolutionary ideologies and the tyranny of values to the breakdown of international order and the technological obsoleteness of military engagements of the kind that had taken place in earlier centuries on the continental European chessboard, the sovereign state, Schmitt believed, was now under siege.

Volume 10, Number 2 (1992)


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Paul Gottfried is an American political theorist and intellectual historian. He is the former Horace Raffensperger Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, and editor in chief of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.

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