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Rampart Journal - Fall 1966

06/05/2009Robert LeFevre

Robert The Rampart Journal - Fall 1966 LeFevre


Robert LeFevre

Robert LeFevre (1911–1986) ran the Freedom School and Rampart College, founded in 1957. He had a legendary impact on a whole generation of libertarians. LeFevre's complete audio archives is available in Mises Media.


Rampart College, 1966: Unionism and Economic Stagnation by Butler D. Shaffer; Panarchy by P.E. de Puydt; Freedom and the Gold Standard by Oscar W. Cooley; Knowledge Be Dammed by Erica Carle; The Economics of Automation and Unemployment by Ralph W. Ells; Hi-Ho Silverless by Donald E. Bently and Grant W. Corby; A New Dimension to War by K.J. Cullinane; From a Free Child a Free Adult by John M. MacEachron

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