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Political Freedom and its Roots in Metaphysics

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07/30/2014Moshe Kroy

Libertarianism -the political philosophy based on the concept of individual rights -seems to be an inherently clear, unambiguous position. Its fundamental principle, the principle that man's rights to his life, liberty and property are non-compromisable foundations for human co-existence in society, seems to offer sufficient basis for answering, or solving, all so called "social problems" - as libertarian literature amply demonstrates."' There is, however, one threat to this seeming clarity: the debate between limited government libertarians, headed by Rand, and anarcho-capitalists, mainly influenced by Rothbard.

Volume 1, Number 3 (1977)

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Kroy, Moshe. "Political Freedom and its Roots in Metaphysics." Journal of Libertarian Studies 1, No.3 (1977): 205-213.

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