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Misesian Must-See Places in Vienna

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02/04/2004Mises Institute

Mises's workplace at the Chamber of Commerce (on the Stubenring 5-12). This is also where the Austrian Institute of Business Cycle Research was located, and where the sessions of Mises' private seminar took place. Look for the commemorative plaque placed by the Mises Institute in 1988.

Mises's residence from 1904-1934: Wollzeile 24, 3rd floor. However, the house that presently stands at this address is a post-war building.

The University (on the Schottenring); interior court features busts of Menger, Böhm-Bawerk, and Wieser. Mises taught a weekly seminar at the University.

The Gruener Anker Restaurant where the famous Mises Circle met until late into the evening. See Songs of the Mises Circle.

Misesian hangouts were the Opera and the Burgtheater (still one of the best German-language stages).

For a tour review of these places, see Benjamin Powell's The Misesian Sights: An Austrian Visits Vienna.

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