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A Career Working Behind Enemy Lines

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09/19/2008John Semmens

The findings from the environmental-impact statement were even more interesting. Despite being publicly advertised as a way of reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, the report prepared by the transit agency had to concede that the new light-rail system would actually increase both congestion and air pollution, although not by enough to trigger federal sanctions.

Obtaining and using this ammunition is, for the most part, getting easier. Many of the reports are posted on web sites. The Freedom of Information Act assures access to documents that aren't posted. Software tools like spreadsheets, databases, and word-processing applications enable us to extract more information from the data we can get our hands on. It is feasible for one person, like myself, to pierce the veil of ignorance and expose the lies and distortions emanating from big-government propaganda.

My methods can be replicated. I hope to encourage others to take up the challenge — including the next generation of persons willing to aid the cause of liberty by going behind enemy lines.


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