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Money: Its Connection with Rising and Falling Prices

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

Many economic principles can be dealt with best in the first place on the assumption that when a change is observed in the price of a particular commodity or service it means a change of value peculiar to that one kind of commodity or service, and is not merely a part of a general change in the...

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Money: Sound and Unsound

Money and BanksGold StandardMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

Salerno's book is sweeping and nearly comprehensive book on applied Austrian monetary theory.

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The Moral Case for the Free Market Economy

Free MarketsPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Machan makes the case for the free market system based on human beings as moral agents with the legal system designed to nurture this moral agency.

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Murray N. Rothbard vs. The Philosophers: Unpublished Writings on Hayek, Mises, Strauss, and Polanyi

BiographiesPhilosophy and Methodology

Here is Rothbard's stunning mind at work on some of the most serious topics in philosophy, economics, and politics, originally crafted as private memos. The advantage here is that you get super-candid evaluations of the thought of the giants while avoiding the apparatus of formal papers. The result...

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Murray N. Rothbard: In Memoriam

BiographiesHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

In perusing the essays in this volume, one reads over and over of Rothbard's enthusiasm, his optimism, his zest for life, and especially his sense of humor.

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My Years with Ludwig von Mises


Margit was an amazing woman, and this is her moving account of her life with "Lu," from their first days in Vienna to his death in New York in 1973.

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The Mystery of Banking

Monetary TheoryMoney and Banking

With his characteristic clarity and incisiveness, Rothbard explains the origins of money.

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The Myth of a Guilty Nation

War and Foreign PolicyWorld History

This is Albert Jay Nock's first great anti-war book, a cause he backed his entire life as an essential component of a libertarian outlook.

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Nation, State, and Economy

InterventionismPolitical Theory

Mises takes up the question of the proper political order to sustain the peace in the age of democracy.

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