Libertarianism Today

Jacob H. Huebert

The drive for liberty, whether from the left or right, is the underlying impulse. This book tells you where it is all headed and why.

It might seem easy to write an overview of libertarianism. If so, why do so many attempts fall short? They typically leave out something important, like foreign policy, drugs, or intellectual property, or the attempts are biased this way or that.

At last, Libertarianism Today by Jacob H. Huebert has succeeded. It is comprehensive. It is truthful. It is realistic. It is analytically rigorous. It combines theory with policy with a great story about what is going on in the world today and how libertarianism addresses these problems.

The result is a fantastic successor book to Murray Rothbard’s classic For A New Liberty (1973). In 250 pages, Huebert tells you what you need to know.

“Libertarians do have some cause for hope—more now, perhaps, than at any other point in our lifetimes,” he writes. “Libertarianism used to be of interest only to a scattered handful of students and activists; the movement was so small that it seemed like everyone in it knew everyone else in it. Today, libertarians are not a majority, but they are innumerable and they are everywhere.”

He shows that libertarianism is spreading in academia, in the culture, in the media, and in politics. Indeed, it has become the most potent resistance movement of our time. He also offers a compelling defense of libertarian doctrine as well, so that someone who has never heard these ideas can be persuaded.

Meet the Author
Jacob H. Huebert
Jacob H. Huebert

Jacob Huebert is a Senior Attorney at the Goldwater Institute, litigating cases on free speech and property rights, among other issues. Mr. Huebert is perhaps best known for his Supreme Court victory in Janus v. AFSCME, a landmark federal case in the area of compulsory union dues. He is also the author of Libertarianism Today, an introduction to libertarianism and the libertarian movement.


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