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Volume 23 (2019)

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by David Gordon

Editor's comments for the first issue of the revived Journal of Libertarian Studies.

The Libertarian Legacy of the Old Right: Democracy and Representative Government
by Roberta A. Modugno

What is the relationship between libertarianism and democracy? This article unveils a well-consolidated tradition of criticism of democracy within libertarian political philosophy.

Keynes’s General Theory: A Solution in Search of a Problem
by Carlton M. Smith

Even on its own terms, the General Theory must considered a failure, for the problem it purports to solve, involuntary unemployment, does not exist.

Breaking Boundaries: An Investigation of Libertarian Open Borders
by Connor K. Kianpour

Libertarian arguments for open borders differ from liberal arguments for open borders, which illuminate how disparate these philosophical traditions are, especially in the manner that they conceive of rights.

A Practical Approach to Legal-Pluralist Anarchism: Eugen Ehrlich, Evgeny Pashukanis, and Meaningful Freedom through Incremental Jurisprudential Change
by Jason M. Morgan

John Hasnas has argued that anarchy must be achieved gradually. The way to Hasnian anarchy or minarchy lies in the application of case law to decrease state power.

The Heterodox ‘Fourth Paradigm’ of Libertarianism: An Abstract Eleutherology Plus Critical Rationalism
by J. C. Lester

Untangling the libertarian concepts of interpersonal liberty, this article proposes a new paradigm of libertarianism to solve the old one's problems.

Socialism and the Anarchy of Production
by Carlton M. Smith

Why is it impossible for anyone to develop a comprehensive plan of production as a whole? This article explains, applying the conclusion to the experience of the Soviet Union.

The Inescapability of Law, and of Mises, Rothbard, and Hoppe
by David Dürr

The Murray Rothbard Memorial Lecture, delivered at the 2019 Austrian Economics Research Conference, discusses anarchistic arguments against the classical liberal and social democratic conceptions of the state.

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