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White Male Privilege? A Social Construct for Political Oppression

The Journal of Libertarian Studies

Each day in America, white males face government-sponsored discrimination. If in high school, the white male may be denied a chance to apply for special programs because he is not a preferred minority, or in some cases, a female. There are scholarships available, but many cannot be awarded to white males. In applying for university, admissions will admit “basically qualified” minorities, but reject better qualified whites. When applying for a job, the same type of discrimination occurs. If the teen finally succeeds in finding employment, special on-the-job training may be denied him in order to guarantee slots for minorities, even if they be lesser qualified, even if they have been on the job for a shorter time.

And how is this discrimination justified by our courts, our media, our academia? It is ignored.

Volume 14, Number 1 (1999)


Murray, Hugh. “White Male Privilege? A Social Construct for Political Oppression.” Journal of Libertarian Studies 14, No. 1 (1999): 135–150.

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