Journal of Libertarian Studies

Toward a Reformulation of the Law of Contracts

The Journal of Libertarian Studies

A sketch of the title-transfer approach has been offered here and it seems plausible that this approach is more consistent and rationally defensible than either the present law of contracts or a pure promised expectations approach. The title-transfer model seems to be able to handle adequately the historic problem areas of the law of contracts. In addition, it meshes well with the rights set forth in the Bill of Rights and proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. It would seem that the title-transfer model might well be the appropriate law of contracts for a free society.

Volume 1, Number 1 (1977)


Evers, Williamson M. “Toward a Reformulation of the Law of Contracts.” Journal of Libertarian Studies 1, No.1 (1977): 3-13.

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