Medical Freedom Summit

Medical Freedom Summit
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Medicine, perhaps more than any other part of the economy, desperately needs innovation and entrepreneurship. Doctors have become disconnected from patient care, as they spend more and more time managing staff and third-party billing. Health “insurance” no longer insures against major events, but instead pays for basic services in almost unbelievably complex ways. Patients don’t care about prices, but only about being “covered”coverage they often lose when unemployed. And the regulatory structure on top of it all, from the FDA to Medicare to insurance mandates, destroys market discipline and discourages competition. Prices keep rising, frazzled doctors and providers are leaving their professions, and patients face longer waits and worsening service. 

But a new world of medical entrepreneurship is growing. Concierge and cash-only practices, walk-in cash clinics, medical tourism, and cost-sharing plans are just a few of the ways free-market approaches are changing the landscape. Our expert speakers will discuss several of these developments, and more, in what promises to be the free-market medicine event of the year!

We’ll meet at the lovely Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, New Hampshire from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 17, 2021.
The registration fee of $95 includes a fantastic lunch and refreshments.

Speaker lineup:

  • Jeff Deist: “Can Economics Save Medicine?”
  • Nick Vailas: “Bringing the Free Market to the Healthcare... Bazar”
  • Dr. Ben Powell, PhD: “Follow the (Economic) Science: Why Lockdowns Were Bad Pandemic Policy”
  • Gayle Brekke, Health Actuary: “Imagining a Better Way: Foundations of a Healthy Healthcare System”
  • Dr. Adam Wheeler: “On the Front Lines of Cash Medicine”
  • Hunter Hastings: “How Medical Innovation Happens: Cash Clinics in Pharmacies and Big Box Stores”
  • Dr. Peter St. Onge, PhD: “What Canada Can Teach Us About Medical Freedom”
  • Joe Matarese: “Medical Staffing and the Revolutionary Innovations We Need”
  • KEYNOTE- Dr. Keith Smith: “How the Surgery Center of Oklahoma Tapped the Cash Market”

Selections from the Mises Institute Bookstore will be available to purchase.

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Special thanks to Joe and Tracy Matarese for making this event possible.

Students apply for a scholarship here. Student scholarships include registration and lunch.

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