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Wasn’t that fun?


Tom Woods just delivered his first Mises Academy live session (for his online course The New Deal: History, Economics, and Law) and the student consensus in the public chat is clear: as one student wrote, “great first class!!!” First, Woods gave an outstanding lecture on the origins of the 1929 crash (see his informative slides here). Then he answered topical questions at length. After he finished with the curricular questions, he stuck around and chatted with the students about anything they wanted to talk about! The conversation ranged from medieval history to life on the lecture circuit to Ayn Rand. After over two and a half hours of the wit and wisdom of Tom Woods, one student posted in the “Water Cooler” forum a new thread entitled, “Wasn’t that fun?”

It sure was!

Dear reader, if you’d like to join the fun, you can enroll now, watch the recording of the first live session, and then be there for the second one!

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