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Two word solution: De. Regulate.


A story on Slashdot, the popular "News for Nerds" site expresses concerns about Internet Service Providers trying to create a two-tiered Internet. The top comment on the story (meaning it was posted quickly and then rated highly by Slashdot readers) is by A.B. Dada who seems to be a Mises.org and LRC reader. He writes:

Real deregulation has nothing to do with Congress making laws, changing laws or getting rid of a few old regulations that actually don't affect communications. True deregulation means getting rid of ALL laws that affect communication, including ones that were set up over a hundred years ago that we still have to follow.

In my opinion, the interstate commerce "clause" in the Constitution was not intended to control communications, set up an FCC, or regulate costs or services. It was intended to prevent taxation and tariffs... after [1995], we saw an unregulated quantity of computers magically connect without major subsidies... The fact that so many people got online without excessive regulations aimed at driving the Internet leads me to believe that the best form of our beloved Internet IS anarchy (not chaos).

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