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Films on Liberty and the State

Media and Culture

11/13/2006Articles of Interest
A list of some films of particular interest to Austrians and libertarians.
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The Mouse that Roared

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

06/01/2005The Free Market
Rothbard shockingly argues that technological invention is relatively unimportant in the progress of civilization. Instead, capital is the far more important, and limiting, factor.
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The Mouse and the Market


04/18/2005Mises Daily Articles
As the history of the computer mouse shows, the problem is not a lack of technology. The problem is making it economically viable. Stephen Carson gives the example of the computer mouse.
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Why Study Economics?

EducationAustrian Economics OverviewPraxeology

08/12/2003Mises Daily Articles
Economics explains how society works. In place of clear reasoning in English, however, mainstream economics tends to use equations and calculus with dubious assumptions that made what they are doing seem to not have much relevance to the real world. Mainstream economists also seem to spend much of...
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Profits vs Society: Must We Choose?

Media and CulturePhilosophy and Methodology

07/21/2003Mises Daily Articles
When today's clergymen expound on issues of political economy we are often given a stark choice. Will we allow companies to selfishly pursue profits or will they recognize a wider social mission? Will workers be paid the barely subsistent market wage or will they be paid a more Christian "living...
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