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Those greedy capitalist pigs!


Robbert Herring, a "tycoon", has offered Michael Schiavo $1million if he hands over the rights to decide whether or not to take his wife, Terri Schiavo, to her parents. Mr. Schiavo says that she'd told him she didn't want to live that way, but her parents disagree and think she could become better with treatment. Mr. Herring, who is a completely independent party, thinks that new developments in stem-cell research may provide hope for Mrs. Schiavo.

This case touches on several big issues in politics, including the rights of the disabled, the right to die, and stem-cell research (which has the potential to save many lives). It seems to me that there isn't a real conflict here between these groups on fundamental issues, but rather on the specifics of what Mrs. Schiavo's wishes really were. In any event, irrespective of how one feels about what is the right thing to do in this case, the generosity of Mr. Herring is inspiring.

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