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A Tale of Two Bridges


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The government, famed for building bridges to nowhere, can't replace a bridge blown down by Hurricane Katrina in four times the time required for a private company to replace its bridge just downriver from it, blown down at the same time. And the private company is a railroad, no less!

The front page of Saturday's Wall Street Journal is graced with this article describing the reconstruction of a railroad bridge in Pass Christian, Miss. by its owner and a vehicle bridge very close by, by government. I won't trouble to describe the comparison, both because those with subscriptions can read all about it here, and because we all know how it turns out.

Suffice it to say, the railroad bridge has been operating for almost a year at this point, and the vehicle bridge looks to be at least a year away from completion. Never mind the cost comparisons.

N. Joseph Potts studies economics at his home in South Florida. Send him mail.

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