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(Securities and Exchange) Commission Seeks Feedback . . .


At this site, the SEC seeks public comment on the occasion of the first full year in which the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has been in effect. As the notice says, comments are solicited from companies subject to the Act, auditors, investors, and members of the public. The URL was given in this op ed in the Wall Street Journal (apologies to those lacking subscriptions to wsj.com) by SEC Chairman William H. Donaldson. Interestingly, the SEC site linked above provides further links not only to an optional Web form on which to submit comments, but also to another site on which are displayed as of Tuesday evening some 50 or so comments received to date.

Perhaps a somewhat bullier pulpit than public comments to federal agencies afforded in pre-Internet days. They even scan and upload comments that they receive on paper! I was on the point of submitting my own comment (as an investor - my CPA days are long over) when it occurred to me: how cool would it be if Ludwig von Mises, or at least the institute bearing his name, could post a comment that provided a sound Misesian reaction to this destructive intrusion of the government into processes that should be strictly the province of market action abetted by common law? The deadline is April 13.

And yes, to any who might see me inventing work for others, I'd be delighted and honored to contribute my own effort to the crafting of this comment. I demur only because I know we have among us many who are far better qualified and able.

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