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Rockin Out


“Cool” or “sexy” probably aren’t the first words that jump to mind when Austrian Economics is mentioned. In fact, Bob Murphy’s hilarious caricature of the middle-aged libertarian still living in his parents’ basement pretty much sums up public perception. That is changing; Pacey and Jack Ash of rock band Fly-by Radio are leading the way in making personal and economic freedom cool.

Canadian rock legends, Rush, may have a reputation for being free-market and anti-government guys but in terms of dedication to the cause, they fall far short of Pacey and Jack. When their band is traveling between gigs in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana they listen to countless hours of audio recordings from mises.org and stream all the youtube videos of our conferences. They really know their stuff!

Check out some of the photos from Fly-by Radio’s most recent performance in Auburn…

Pacey rocks the new mises.org hat

Jack Ash in his Enemy of the State shirt! (bottom left)


Show these Austrian rockers that you support their efforts; become fans of their facebook page and if they ever do a gig anywhere near you be sure to go … you won’t be disappointed!

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