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Reckless self-endangerment


I am just reading Hoppe's Democracy and interleaved it with the JLS article on Benjamin Constant. On our own site, I recently took two of the top London economic establishment journalists to task (Krugmanism is not solely an American affliction!).

The common thread here is that of the wilful failure to learn anything from what has gone before. What this implies for our future becomes more obvious by the day. For example, at present, we are having to endure this nauseating spectacle of the drug-addled, ill-informed multi-millionaires of pop and fashion (each enriched beyond avarice by something called 'capitalism'!) getting all cuddly with war-mongering and protectionist politicians, so--just by issuing a communique and holding a few music festivals--we can 'end poverty' - i.e. we can introduce more One World socialism, complete with a fashionable soundtrack album!

Another notable feature is the completely unfounded, pseudoscientific hysteria currently being whipped up, regarding 'climate change'. This carefully-crafted canard is slowly allowing hoi Phylakes to advance their project for a pan-gaian state through the multiplicity of planning, dirigism (and rent-seeking) this will entail. With consummate cynicism, this will be beautifully overladen with an induced Eco-Pavlovian positive emotional reaction in the masses, who can feel proud that, like the obedient little citizens of Terra Totalitaria they are, they are making sacrifices for the good of the Fourth Reich's home planet!

Sean Corrigan is the author of 'Money, Macro & Markets' newsletter & Consultant to Hinde Capital.

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