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Online gambling and arrests at airports


The neverending quest to protect (for our own good that is) us from the evils of online gambling seems to be quite fruitful. The latest news is about an arrest, made at an airport no less, of a chairman of a gamling company from other country.

Agents of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey arrested Peter Dicks [chairman of Sportingbet, a company in the U.K.] upon his arrival at Kennedy Airport late Wednesday night, acting on a warrant issued by the state police in Louisiana.
The arrest comes seven weeks after federal law enforcement officials arrested the chief executive of a competing Internet betting site, BetOnSports, while he was on layover at an airport in Dallas. That executive, David Carruthers, and his company, which also trades in London, were charged with taking bets illegally over the Internet.

Federal and some state laws prohibit online gambling, a peaceful entrepreneurial effort so that folks can easily have fun instead of driving long distances to a barge or riverboat somewhere or other places the local overlords have allowed it to take place. And even then there are strict regulations and controls even though some states, like Mississippi, cash in heavily from this industry.

Another reason to try to avoid airports. Something tells me that over time, CEOs and chairmen of companies will be making fewer trips to the Federal Fatherland.

Manuel Lora is a multimedia producer at Cornell University.

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