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New Zealand: Obese Need Not Apply


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Here's a first for me: the female half of a couple seeking to emigrate from the UK to New Zealand is barred from joining her husband who's already there (Jack Sprat, I suppose) because she's obese. From this article, one infers that they might let her in if she slims down (if you can pass between the sensors . . .), and who's to care what she does after that? This is just another example of the twin evils of: (a) socialized medical care; and (b) immigration control at national borders. Interestingly, the four comments attached to this article when I saw it were favorable to the NZ move, even from an obese respondent. Not one mentioned either of the concerns that bother me. And this is FOX News, which supposedly caters to conservatives. Well, we know about conservatives . . .

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