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It's Expensive, after All - So Make 'Em Do It

This article in last October's Business Week is heartening to the logical reader right down to its second-to-last paragraph. Auden Schendler, a pioneering corporate environmentalist, has seen the darkness, and it's in the barrel of a gun. Having practiced his craft in an undeniably sincere, energetic, and ingenious manner for well over a decade, he has now "turned" to expose the fraud of corporate environmentalism in centers of influence all over the world, including Congress and in this article, whose wonderful title is "Little Green Lies" (shown on the magazine's cover, where at first I took it to be an article about fiat currencies). Over two thousand fascinating words later as the end of the article approaches, one expects the clarion call of freedom to ring out from the trumpet of this remarkable champion of truth, justice, and the Environmental Way. And what do we get instead? Well, yes - we do away with all those millions of little green lies. But the Big Lie he replaces them with will more than deflate you.

N. Joseph Potts studies economics at his home in South Florida. Send him mail.

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