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Funny Attack on Mises

I usually ignore attacks on Mises from low-traffic web sites (and it's a little old), but this one is just too inane to ignore. At IFA Magazine, which bills itself a magazine for "today's discerning financial and investment professional," there's a small attack piece on Mises which would be funny if I didn't know that some people might actually believe the stuff repeated here. This sentence tells you all you need to know:
Philosopher, economist, sociologist, classical liberal and founder of the Austrian School which later produced Friedrich Hayek, the ‘father of monetarism’.
Actually, I'm not entirely sure that first sentence is in fact a sentence.  But whatever. The important thing here is that I just learned from the sentence fragment that Hayek is the "father of monetarism." Fascinating. For a good time, read the rest of this devastating attack at the heart of Austrian economics, which also asserts that Mises was wrong about economic calculation and Soviet-style socialism.
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