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Batman versus the State


Libertarian comicbook writer Paul Pope is at it again.

The creator of the famed 1998 comic Batman & Mises has now written Batman: Year One Hundred.

Is the Dark Knight battling Nazis again? No, this time his target is Police State America!

According to the current Wired magazine,

The series is set in a high-anxiety future, where totalitarianism has nearly snuffed out the remnants of humanity. America in 2039 is a police state, individual liberties have been curtailed, and there's a dark sense of impending doom. Roving police squads, Blade Runner-esque floating vehicles, and robotic watchdogs scan the skyline... A distressed-looking Batman is the only person Big Brother fails to track, and the superhero's mask symbolizes the last hope against a corrupt government encroaching on individual privacy.

More on the Misesian crusader here and here.

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