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Conservatives Cite Keynes Against Gold Standard

Gold StandardMoney and Banking


From National Review Online's David Frum:

What the gold standard really is, fundamentally, is a rule that the nation's monetary stock should be determined, not by central bankers, but by miners. Why that should be regarded as an improvement by anyone, I cannot understand....
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Go for Gold

Money and BanksGold StandardMoney and Banking


Why, after years of the market's neglect of gold, is the paper money price of gold now on the rise? Would it be too far-fetched to assume that it could reflect market agents' growing concern about a forthcoming great...

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Gold: The Once and Future Money

Money and BanksGold StandardMoney and Banking


Publisher Wiley Business Finance has released a new book, Gold: The Once and Future Money by Nathan Lewis. Jim Puplava interviews the author on a ...

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Hazlitt on 100% Gold

Gold StandardMoney and Banking


I suppose that I wasn't entirely aware of how hard-core Henry Hazlitt was on the gold question until re-reading The Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve it:

This brings us to gold. It...
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Rothbard's Bracing Plan for Gold

Gold StandardMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


To answer a reader question, I revisited Rothbard's transition plan for 100% gold. This is cut and pasted from the Mystery of Banking (Richardson and Synder, 1983), pp. 265-267.

Even though, for the past few...
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Gold Gets No Respect

Gold Standard


Fed Chair-in-Waiting Benjamin Bernanke is a "Great Depression Buff", reports the Wall Street Journal. Based on extensive research, he has drawn some important conclusions...

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Printing Money at a "Constant" or "Stable" Rate Won't Prevent Boom-Bust Cycles

Booms and BustsInflationGold Standard

Money printing—even at a constant rate—is going to generate the same result as any other money printing. The reason lies in the fact that money creation transfers wealth from productive to unproductive enterprises.
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The Theory and Brief History of the US Gold Standard

U.S. HistoryGold StandardMoney and BankingMoney Supply

Bob explains some of the highlights of his newly released chapter for the Mises Institute book on “Understanding Money Mechanics.”
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Man, Economy, and State: Money & Its Purchasing Power with Robert Murphy

Gold StandardMoney and BankingPricesValue and Exchange

Dr. Robert Murphy joins Jeff Deist to breakdown Rothbard's exposition of money in an Austrian framework.
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