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Why the Fed's Tight Rate Stance Damages the Economy

InflationMonetary PolicyU.S. EconomyGold Standard


In the wake of bad news on inflation, the Federal Reserve is pushing up interest rates. However, a Fed-induced higher rate is not the same as an interest rate decided by the market.

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Gold Will Destroy the Keynesian Fallacies

KeynesMonetary PolicyU.S. HistoryWorld HistoryGold Standard


Keynes denounced monetary gold as "a barbarous relic." In the end, it will be that "barbarous relic" that overthrows the regime of paper currency.

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Do Correlations Help Define Money?

The FedMoney and BanksGold StandardMonetary Theory


Monetary authorities have come up with numerous clever ways of measuring money. However, they are unable even to define money, much less measure it.

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Fiat Money Inflation Not Only Raises Prices but Also Undermines Division of Labor

InflationGold StandardInterventionism


Government interference into money creation and production harms the economy in a number of ways, including skewing the organization of division of labor.

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The Modern State Cannot Exist without Fiat Money

U.S. HistoryBusiness CyclesGold StandardMonetary Theory


Fiat money is the fuel of the modern Leviathan state. If we wish to have freedom, we must have sound money.

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How Can We Restore Freedom and Sound Money in the US and the UK? Some Ideas

Bureaucracy and RegulationFree MarketsMonetary PolicyGold Standard


It is no secret that freedom, both socially and economically, are disappearing in the USA and Great Britain. The consequences will be most severe if we do not reverse these patterns.

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The Rise and Fall of Good Money: A Tale of the Market and the State

Gold StandardMoney and Banking


Once upon a time, the USA had sound, reliable money. Then, a small group of "really intelligent" people decided to "improve" it. We know the rest of the story.

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The Great Depression's Patsy

Booms and BustsKeynesMonetary PolicyGold Standard


Poplular history says that massive government spending—made possible by ending the gold standard—ended the Great Depression. As usual, popular history is wrong.

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A Short Essay on Sound Monetary Policy

Money and BanksGold StandardMonetary Theory


In a market economy, gold is sound money. There is no need for monetary authorities when gold rules.

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