Austrian Economics Newsletter

AEN Fall 1978, Vol. 1, no. 3

AEN Fall 1978, Vol. 1, no. 3

Interview with Ludwig Lachmann
Subjectivism Conference Held in Birmingham, England
Lange’s Theory of Socialism after Forty Years
Austrian Economics Seminar: Part II: 1976-77
On the Manipulation of Money & Credit, reviewed by Richard M. Ebeling
Notes and Recollections, Critique of Interventionism (both books by Mises) reviewed by Richard M. Ebeling
Nozick on Methodology
CLS Summer Fellows List and biographies
Two Meetings Stress Entrepreneurship
Austrian Economics at Rutgers University
S.C. Littlechild, The Fallacy of the Mixed Economy:
      An Austrian Critique of Conventional Mainstream Economics and of the British Economic Policy. (Reviewed by Gary G. Short)


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