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Reflections upon the Centennial of Mises's Socialism

SocialismCapital and Interest Theory


It has been a hundred years since Mises published Socialism. It is more relevant than ever.

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Renewables and EVs in the Grip of Lesseps Syndrome

SocialismStrategyU.S. Economy


The so-called green energy strategy is no strategy at all. Instead, it is an attempt to cripple the energy industries in vain hopes that renewables will magically cover the energy shortfall.

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Relying on Experts: A Proven Path to Failure



American political, educational, and economic life is increasingly dominated by "experts." We should not be surprised that they fail most of the time.

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Real Wages Fell for the Nineteenth Month in a Row in October as Inflation Remained Entrenched


Price inflation is slightly slowing, but it is slowing as a result of a struggling economy. The White House may soon find it is celebrating much too soon. 

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Rothbard on Gold

HayekGold StandardMonetary Theory

At a time when inflation once again ravages the dollar, we recall Murray Rothbard's wisdom in his article "The Case for a Genuine Gold Dollar."

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Review of Classified: The Untold Story of Racial Classification in America

Bureaucracy and RegulationLawStrategy


Law Professor David Bernstein looks at the system of racial classifications in the USA and explains why they have been harmful.

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Regime Pseudoscientists Enforce Climate Change Narrative

The EnvironmentProgressivism


Researchers that are skeptical of many current climate change narratives are derisively called "deniers." However, because skepticism itself is a foundation of scientific analysis, skeptics tend to be rational-analytic thinkers and less likely to embrace false theories.

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Review: How to Think about the Economy

HayekAustrian Economics Overview


Per Bylund has written a book on economics that is understandable to the layperson as well as presents economics the way it should be done: a science grounded in understanding human action.

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