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Reading List for Competition, Monopoly, and Anti-Trust


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Week 1: Hayekian vs. Neoclassical Theories of Competition

F.A. Hayek, “The Meaning of Competition,” in his book, Individualism and Economic Order.

F.A. Hayek, “Competition as a Discovery Procedure”

Week 2: Rothbard and Kirzner on Monopoly and Competition

Murray N. Rothbard, “Monopoly and Competition,” Chapter 10 of Man, Economy and State

Israel Kirzner, “Entrepreneurship and the Market Approach to Development”

Week 3: How Antitrust Regulation Destroys Competition

Dominick Armentano, Antitrust: The Case for Repeal (Chapters 1-3).

Thomas DiLorenzo, “The Origins of Antitrust: An Interest-Group Perspective,” International Review of Law and Economics, December 1984

John Steele Gordon, “Read Your History Janet”

Week 4: Natural vs. Unnatural Monopolies

Thomas DiLorenzo, “The Myth of Natural Monopoly”

Thomas DiLorenzo, “The Gates-Rockefeller Myth”

Dan Seligman, “Ten Evil Monopolies”

Week 5: Mergers, Takeovers, Predatory Pricing, and other Free-Market Monopoly Myths

Dominick Armentano, Antitrust: The Case for Repeal, Chapters 4-6

Thomas DiLorenzo, “The Myth of Predatory Pricing”


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