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President Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

On October 9, 2009, the announcement was made that President Barack Obama is to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Below are some preliminary observations.

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama is further confirmation, along with 2007’s award to Al Gore, that the prize has degenerated into politically motivated rubbish. The great and noble concept of peace has again been perverted.

The prize is awarded by a group of European socialists and ethical relativists or nihilists that are using it to promote a political agenda that has very little to do with peace. The award of the peace prize to Obama is indicative of the intellectual and moral decay of these representatives of European civilization and those around the world that seek to emulate them.

Aside from his decision not to place missiles in Central and Eastern Europe, Obama has changed little, if anything, of substance in the United States’ imperialistic and militaristic foreign policy. Yes, Obama’s rhetoric has been less belligerent and more inclusive of the European countries than Bush’s, but again, there has been little substantive change in U.S. foreign policy under Obama. What is the purpose of the prize, to acknowledge someone who has been more inclusive of European political interests or someone who has worked significantly to promote peace? I wonder how Pakistanis whose civilian relatives or friends have been killed or injured by U.S. drones during 2009 view Obama’s commitment to peace.

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama and 2007’s award to Al Gore should disgust any true supporter of peace, and cause any principled individual to seriously question the integrity of the prize and those who award it.

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