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Good Enough For You, Not Good Enough For Me


President Obama just revealed at the New Hampshire “town hall” that he rejected Federal government supplied insurance for himself and his family when he was in the U.S. Senate, and instead of the government regulated stuff he took advantage of his wife’s private insurance supplied via her $317,000 per year political fixer/politician’s wife job with the University of Chicago Hospital.

What’s good enough for you, isn’t good enough for the elite in the political class. Don’t expect this to change. Obama is now proposing a two-tiered system, with a “public option” which is worse than the options provided for politicians and government workers — i.e. the existing options Obama didn’t think was good enough his own family.

Also this — John Stossel has details on Michelle Obama’s two dozen personal servants and helpers working on the Federal payroll.

UPDATE — Here are the President’s exact words:

for example, for a while, Michelle, my wife, worked at the University of Chicago Hospital. She really liked her coverage that she was getting through the University of Chicago Hospital, so I did not have to use the federal employee plan ..

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