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The Beck Bomb


Glenn Beck’s show on Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom featuring Mises Institute Senior Fellows Yuri Maltsev and Tom Woods:

— crashed Hayek’s Wikipedia entry.

— sent the GOOGLE search phrase “The Road to Serfdom” to “volcanic” status and #1 on Google Trends.

— rocketed the audio version of The Road to Serfdom to #2 on iTunes.

— launched The Road to Serfdom to #1 on Amazon, where it still stands. (Buy it from the Mises store here.)

— pulled all sorts of Hayek books and Hayek-related books into the Amazon bestseller lists, including Ludwig von Mises’ Socialism, #2 in the “political doctrines/socialism” category. (Buy it from the Mises store here.)

Just a guess, but I’ll wager there was a spike in the sale of some of these as well.

Here’s Beck’s opening monologue and his discussion with Tom Woods from yesterdays “The Road to Serfdom” show:

UPDATE: Something I just noticed. You can now purchase the full Mises Store collection of Hayek books at a 15% discount.


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