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The New Rules of Engagement



All people of goodwill have an obligation to fight the escalation of politics in American life. 

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They Won't Leave Us Alone: The Invasion of Politics



Forget minding your own business. Ours is the age of invasive politics, demanding we take sides no matter how much we would like to be left alone.

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The Politicization of Procreation: The Ultimate in "the Personal Is Political"



Gloria Steinem declared, "The personal is political." Today, politics has reached into family life and even procreation itself, an unhappy trend for unhappy people.

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The Government Throws Money at Heart Disease, but Prevention Is Better than Cure

Bureaucracy and RegulationPolitics


Americans spend billions of dollars on treating heart disease. Prevention is cheaper, but thanks to perverse government incentives, preventing heart disease takes a backseat to medical spending.

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The Friction Ahead in 2023


Claudio Grass interviews Jeff Deist on the tumultuous year ahead.

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Notes from the Digital Gulag

Bureaucracy and RegulationMedia and CulturePolitics


Remember those dystopian futuristic films in which the evil people try to electronically erase the heroes? Social media companies are trying to recreate that scenario.

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Student Debt: It Is and Has Been a Personal Choice



Progressives demanding that the government forgive student debt forget that student loans were made voluntarily by students that promised to pay back what they owe.

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Biden Is Lying about the Jobs Data

Media and CulturePoliticsUnemploymentU.S. Economy

5 hours agoMises Media
It's only a good time to be a worker in America if one confuses falling real wages and falling full-time employment with robust employment conditions.
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