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The State against Anonymity

LawLegal SystemMedia and CultureThe Police State


Governments are using intimidation to regulate independent journalists on the decentralized internet.

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Chess, Trans Athletes, and Free Markets in Sports

Bureaucracy and RegulationLawMedia and Culture


Is there a way out of the seemingly intractable demands that trans athletes who are "transitioning" from male to female be permitted to compete with female athletes? There may be a free-market solution.

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Can We Find a Basis for Private Property Rights?

LawProperty RightsOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology


While Murray Rothbard believed that self-ownership formed the basis for private property rights, other philosophers disagree.

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No, Governor, Rights Are NOT Government-Issued Privileges That You Can Suspend

LawMedia and CultureProgressivismProperty RightsThe Police State


The recent executive order by New Mexico's governor suspending gun rights in part of the state demonstrates not only her ignorance of the law, but also her greater ignorance of the origin of rights.

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Let's Examine Some REAL Crimes Committed by Presidents

LawLegal SystemPolitics


The ruling classes have determined that crimes are political in nature. Thus, Donald Trump faces criminal charges while actual crimes by other presidents go uncharged and unpunished.

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"Debanking": The Latest Assault on Freedom of Speech

Big GovernmentLawMedia and CultureThe Police StateU.S. Economy


In their war against free speech, progressive governments are now denying dissidents use of the banking system.

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Are Markets Tyrannical? Where Christian Conservatives Are Mistaken

Cronyism and CorporatismEconomic FreedomEconomic PolicyLaw


A number of Christian conservatives are claiming that markets are as coercive as government. Try boycotting the FBI or your local police the next time they do something outrageous.

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Yellow Trucking Goes Bankrupt, Thanks in Part to Onerous Labor Laws

Bureaucracy and RegulationLawLabor and WagesU.S. History


Yellow Trucking Company has filed for bankruptcy and ceases to exist as a viable firm. Much of the blame is due to the Teamsters Union which has a long a violent history.

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2SLGBTQ+IA and the Law

LawLegal SystemProgressivism


The activists went from "We want to be left alone to live our lives" to "we want to control your lives too." Now the movement has state power on its side and bullies all opponents. 

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My Forty-Year War on Reefer Madness

LawLegal System


Over the past forty years, James Bovard has pointed out many times that in carrying out its war on drugs, the Federal government is the emperor with no clothes. Not that anyone in Washington cares.

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