Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Review of An Outline of International Price Theories by Chi-Yuen Wu

The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 18, no. 2 (Summer 2015)

The present volume, prepared as a Ph.D. dissertation, is the only known work of Chi-Yuen Wu, a Chinese scholar contemporary with Ludwig von Mises. In 1939 Wu completed his doctorate at LSE under Lionel Robbins, and then returned to China at Southwest Associated Universities. Since nothing is known of his career after this time, we are left wondering if he kept writing, or how he coped with the rise of the communist regime in his native country. Nevertheless, the achievements of the present work are even greater for this reason. An Outline of International Price Theories was singlehandedly able to keep Wu on the radar of economic research for almost a century, a testimony to his acumen and mastery of his topic.

The book is an overview of the historical development of international price theories.

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