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Victor Xing

Victor Xing is founder and investment analyst at Kekselias, Inc. He is formerly a fixed-income trading analyst for the Capital Group Companies with 5 years of experience on its interest rates trading desk.

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A Multipolar Shift with Energy and Dollar Disruptions

12/30/2022Power & Market
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Prolonged Monetary Easing Paves Way for Wealth Redistribution

09/24/2019Power & Market

Constant monetary stimulus leads to great wealth inequality, tilting the scales in favor of those who already own assets.

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Central Banks Sheepish as Savers Keep Saving

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking


Frightened by an unstable economy and low returns, savers are saving even more and frustrating the plans of central bankers.

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We’re Going Deeper into Debt as Real Incomes Fall

Money and BanksMoney and Banking


Thanks to the Fed's current monetary policy, real incomes are going down, and people are taking on more debt to maintain their standard of living.

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