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Trey Goff is a recent graduate of Mississippi State University, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science. He is an Alumni of the Charles Koch Institute's Summer Fellows program, and has been published at the Foundation for Economic Education. Trey was heavily involved in the student liberty movement throughout college, and is now a leading voice in the free societies movement. Trey is currently actively involved in a variety of ongoing free society projects.

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How to Kill 300,000 Americans with Opioids

HealthLegal System

If someone wanted to kill thousands of Americans through opioid addiction, they couldn't do much better than America's current drug policies.
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How to Build a Better Government: Smaller, Consensual, and Decentralized

Decentralization and Secession

Tom W. Bell has written a well-sourced paean to consent, choice, and competitive governance.
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Trey Goff: A Constitution for a Free Society

Decentralization and SecessionStrategy

Jeff Deist and Trey Goff discuss Trey's "Voluntaryist Constitution"—designed to serve as the foundational legal document for a private society.
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The Voluntaryist Constitution

Legal SystemPolitical Theory

Is it possible to write a constitution that truly limits the powers of the state?

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