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Tho directs the Mises Institute's social media marketing (e.g., twitter, facebook, instagram), and can assist with questions from the press.

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Judge Rules Health Insurance Companies Matter More Than Taxpayers

HealthLegal System

Both taxpayers and health insurers are victims of Obamacare. Why are courts penalizing the former to protect the latter?

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Castro Regime Arrests Member of Mises Cuba

Big Government

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Visea, and all the other members of Mises Cuba.

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Why Not Replace Dodd-Frank With Glass-Steagall?

The rare time where good policy is also good politics.

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Bill Belichick: Entrepreneur

Bill Belichick isn't only a Hall of Fame coach, he's a great American entrepreneur.

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Trump is Wrong on H1-B Visas

U.S. EconomyPolitical Theory

Restricting H1-B visas is a win for protectionism at the expense of everyone else.

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